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” The art of success is knowing how to surround yourself with the best.”

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Scheduling Agendas





Do you find yourself wasting most of your hours doing consuming daily tasks ?

We can handle these activities efficiently, freeing up time for you to focus on your business.

By outsourcing your non-core activities, you don’t have to worry about managing these activities     in-house.

This lets you invest your time and resources into tasks that need to be done by your in-office team.

Outsource your administrative tasks, externalize the management of your agenda …

outsource to save time and money
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can hire a virtual assistant ?

Everyone! Depending on the needs. It can be a large business for any secretarial work that a fulltime administrative assistant can’t handle. A small business with no regular staff. A busy individual business person entrepreneurs, life coaches, business coaches, speakers, writers, and consultants or just busy people can benefit.

Also, Individuals can hire Boost’Office :

– when need a special, assistance on administrative, help with relocation in a foreign country, translation, …

students who needs help in their international project

Executives who need to reorganize, to retrain professionally or expatriate…

Seniors who need help in their relocation in a foreigh country french or spanish speaking…


Why would you choose the Virtual Assistant services ?

With a VA, you save money as you don’t have to provide office space, furnishings or equipment. 

You don’t have to worry about coordinating work schedules. Simply send off the work to be done with a due date.

A client only pays for the actual time a VA spends on completing the task. 

When hiring a VA, there is no need to pay for fringe benefits like health insurance, vacation pay or employer wage deductions. 

In-house staff will probably require training. A VA is already proficient with the latest tools and technology to do the job.

As an independent business owner themselves, a VA has the ability to see the bigger picture. Unlike an employee, a VA knows and understands the challenges of running a business.

As a worldwide organization, VA’s have a resource pool available to call upon. If there is a time constraint, they have access to numerous connections who can be called upon to complete the job.

 Commuting is never a problem with a VA. Your work will get completed even during the worst weather. 

As each client relationship is protected with a Confidentiality Agreement, you can be confident in the integrity of your VA and don’t need to worry about confidential company information being leaked at the water cooler.

When working out the true costs of hiring an employee versus outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant, a client not only benefits by having a more qualified, more experienced professional on hand, but once the math is done, the VA often comes in at a lower price!

How to use the V A Services ?

It’s easy. You ask Boost’Office to help you only when needed.

A simple, flexible and easy solution: instead of hiring a full-time employee to do a small job, you can hire a virtual assistant to do it for you. As they usually charge on an hourly or task basis, you only have to pay them for work that’s actually done.

By email,  phone or during a virtual coffee, let me know how I can help you and we will evaluate together your needs.

Then, I will send you a free detailed quotation.

When our collaboration is validate by the 30% deposit payment, I will realise the mission as agreed.

At the end of the service provision, the bill will be sent to you.

How does Boost'Office work ?

Most of the services provided by Boost’Office are made remotely.

Except for services including on-site professional support.

We will be in regular contact by video conferencing, telephone and emails.

Focus on your

core competencies,

 I’ll handle the day to day.

Let’s chat !

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